About Us

Our Vision

iDream was founded with the purpose of innovating social technologies and modern communication strategies. Our flagship project is Admin Empower.

Our vision with Admin Empower is to bring together the minds of creative community admins for the purpose of synergistically creating better, easier-to-use online communication. The internet is tomorrow's principal means of communication. Together, we can make it better.


Media Channels

iDream operates many media channels across the web. Together, our online communities have well over three million members. Our largest website is a social network that sees as many as 125,000 page views per day. Overall, our media channels have an estimated reach of 200,000,000 impressions per month.

What People are Saying

Working with [iDream] has been truly a pleasure. They are always responsive and flexible to our needs. We've also been very pleased with our advertising results." - Justin, Sevenly

Advertizing with our Media Channels

iDream offers advertizing across its media channels. We only sell advertizing space on our Christian media channels. These media channels include online communities to the scale of 3.1 million members.

Please contact us for more information or click here to request advertizing space.